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Who Are We?

We Are Pulxair (Pulse-Air) Company - A New California Silicon Valley Startup.

We are a small group of Talented Engineers, IT Specialist, Industry Analyst, Financial Advisory and Satellite Consultants “All-In” to Precision Build The World’s First All Electric Zero Emissions, Powerful, Field Scalable, Field Modifiable, Field Repairable and Retro-fits to Existing Vehicles and is a Non-Fossil Fuel Use and Non-Clean Breathable Air Consuming Automotive Piston Engine.

In Fact This Patent Pending Technology literally Cleans the Air As You Drive!

The Autonomous Self Driving Vehicles being Tested and Planned as the Car Navigation Method of the Future is a Suitable Replacement for Uber and other Cab Chauffeured Services especially in light of our aging population.

Autonomous Cars Are Not a total Solution!
However, our driving behavior and present Trillion Dollar Transportation Infrastructure requires Seamless Present Day Infrastructure Integration and Power Source Diversity.

Our overwhelming problem is not Navigation…
It is Pollution and the need for a Solidly Engineered Replacement for the Fossil Fuel Burning Internal Combustion Heat Engine that powers every imaginable Vehicle and Utility, from Weed Eaters to Aircraft.

Are “Corporation’s more a Person” or “The Internal Combustion Engine” ?
The Gasoline-Fossil Fuel / air mixture Burning Internal Combustion Heat Engine Consumes in 1 Hour of operation the Equivalent of 6 ½ days of Your Clean Breathable Oxygenated Air!

It’s being said that a “Corporation is a Person” well Corporations are Started and Staffed by people…. We think we can agree on that point but did you know that your Automobile is more like you than you have ever realized!

We all need Clean Breathable Oxygenated Air and The Internal Combustion Fossil Burning Heat Engine is our biggest Air Breathing Competitor to Human Life existing on our Planet.

You Should Know...
At any given time there are approximately 800,000,000 million Automobiles on the move on our Planet at any given time of any given day! These Air Breathing Machines are diluting the first of our most precious Resources.. The Oxygenated Air needed to sustain Life as we know it.

These Automobiles which are using 6 ½ days of Oxygen for every hour you breathe means that the 800 Million daily roaming Vehicles are consuming as much oxygenated breathable air as would 5.2 Trillion Humans!!

So you wonder why we have BAD AIR days!

Your Automobile converts Clean Breathable Oxygenated Air into Non-Breathable Poisoned Polluted Gasses! No Fuel Burning Engine Exhaust is Safe to Breathe!

Non - Breathable Automotive Exhaust Gasses are emitted as a result of the Combustion of Fuels that power the Fossil Fuel Burning Internal Combustion Heat Engine. These include Fuels such as Gasoline, Natural Gas, Bio-diesel Blends, Diesel Fuel and Engine Crankcase blow-by and Evaporation of Unused Gasoline.

Automotive Pollution is discharged into the Atmosphere through the Engine Exhaust Pipe(s). It often disperses downwind and is the Major cause for the Creation of Smog in large Cities.

A 2013 study by MIT indicates that 53,000 early deaths occur per year in the United States alone because of vehicle emissions. Another study from the same University, states Traffic Fumes in the United Kingdom cause 5,000 Deaths every year. Nothing compares to the Environmental Disaster as that occurring in China. Air Quality / Air Pollution accounts for 2.8 million deaths and 4.3 million new Cancer related illnesses. On average 12,000 Chinese are affected every day and 7,500 deaths occur every day!
As Reported in the China Daily News Paper (January 29-31, 2016)

Our Technology!!
Imagine.. An Automotive Engine.. That Drives Like, Sounds Like, Is as Powerful as, Is Scalable as, Is Modifiable as, Is Field Repairable as existing Internal Combustion Engines, and is Retrofittable to Existing Automotive Chassis…..
“Plug and Play”

Incredibly Uses the Existing Repair and Supply Chain, An Idling Engine provides for Manual and Automatic Transmission Use, Perfect Technology for SUV, Truck and Transport Transportation Vehicle Power…
And it Cleans the Air As you Drive!

Almost too Good to be True!
Our Product = New Life For The Aging King ICE

In a “Nut Shell” The Patent Pending Technology is classified as a Power Plant for use in the Automotive Transportation and Utilities Industries. Simply put the heart and success of the Internal Combustion Engine is its Scalability and Modifiability as a Universal Power Source for a Myriad of Machine Technologies through the use of the 4-Stroke Fossil/Air Fuel Explosion Powered Piston/Slider and Crank Mechanism. Some Engines are designed to incorporate up to as many as 16 mechanisms attached to a Rotating Crankshaft and Flywheel in many unique Configurations such as V4’s, V6’s, V8’s, and the Flat or Boxer Engine.

We have raised the bar in ’All Electric Zero Emissions Transportation and Utility Power Plant Design.

Game Changer
Simply put our Solution for a Pollution Free Environment and Healthy Economy is of universal value.

Electromagnet Force Powered Reciprocating and Compressing Magnetized-Piston Slider Crank Mechanism Engine Configuration.

The “iFierce Fusion Engine (sm)”

The World’s First Truly Current Automotive and Utilities Infrastructure and New Production Car Construction Compatible - Modifiable - Scalable - and Retro-Fit to existing Machine Technologies.

The iFierce Fusion Engine℠ Technology is the "Drive into the Future Technology!!"

This is an All American Build and Assembly Project and a Military Veteran Invention.

Imagine an Electric Magnetic Force Driven Magnetized Piston. Each Piston Assembly a cut and tooled out AC Linear Motor, Utilizing Multiple Magnetic Poles on each Magnetized Piston to force Rotation of the Crankshaft and Flywheel Assembly!

We are ready to build the next Revolution in Technology that will transform the way we Power our Automobiles in a Clean, Safe, Environmentally Friendly Fashion.

What we will do with your support

We will build the World’s First All Electric - Air Assisted Dual Regenerative Battery Charging Power Plant ... The iFierce Fusion Engine(sm). Scalable on the smaller side to fit into and power Automobiles. Capable of scaling upwards to sizes and capacity to power a bus, large truck (Semi's), and Recreation Vehicles. All while providing Clean Air and Zero Emissions.

We called the Technology "Mechanical Electric Magnetic-Air Fusion℠" We call the Automotive Engine ... iFierce Fusion Engine℠ incorporating the Revolutionary World's First Electromagnetically Force Driven Compressing Slider Crank Mechanism; the Patent Pending Technology that will revolutionize Power Plant design methodology for decades to come.

  • Features:
    Lubricated with non-fossil synthetics
    Continuous Air Compression-Pneumatically Driven Accessories
    Dual Regenerative-Extended Range Systems
    Constant Idle Regenerative Technology
    Fast Charging Dual Battery Banks
    Scalable / Modifiable / Field Retrofit and Repairable
    Retro fits to existing automotive Automatic and Manual transmissions
    350HP Minimum Rating
    Air-cooled Isothermal Operation
    2 Stroke - 4 cycle
    Simplified Manufacturing & Assembly
    Clean Air Filtering

  • Intake air into the Power Plant is filtered.
    The Exhausted air is further filtered resulting in the
    Exhausted Air being CLEANER than the air intake.

    Literally capable of cleaning the air as you drive!

    iFierce Fusion Engine℠ Technology sounds like a Very Expensive Luxury Sports Car.
    It is not silent like Electric Motor Powered Cars.
    The iFierce Fusion Engine℠Technology is Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safe.

  • Patent(s) Pending Licensed Technology

The Technology

World's First

Zero Emission

All Electric

Battery Powered


Magnetic Piston


Power Plant



600 Mile Range


All Electric Battery Powered

Air Assist Automotive Engine


Patent(s) Pending

Video From Concept to Prototype

Drive Into The Future ...

A Green Automotive Project that needs your Support

This Website hosted by PulXair [Pulse- Air] Company, a new California Silicon Valley Bay Area High Tech Startup building the world first “Non-Fossil Fuel Use” Patent Pending Zero Emission All Electric Reciprocating Magnetic Piston Power Plant for use in the Transportation Industry.

Climate Change, Global Warming, Ozone Depletion, Violent Global Weather Patterns, changing local weather patterns. All of this is influenced by what we do to our plant. We believe that if we can stop Automotive Pollution, use the present Infrastructures, keep and increase Jobs and cut our dependence on Fossil Fuels as the primary Automotive source of energy; We will give our Children, the Environment and our Planet HOPE.

Oil is not a perpetual resource! We are Pumping millions of Barrels from the earth and it is not going to last forever. We must utilize our planets resources responsibly and pursue environmentally safe options whenever possible.

The iFierce Fusion Engine℠ Technology is Current Automotive Infrastructure and Automotive Dealership Friendly Technology

PulXair’s Mechanical Electric Mag-Air-Fusion(sm) Technology is a Non-fossil fuel Clean Air Battery Powered Power Plant
. It incorporates the world’s first Dual Regenerative Battery charging Technology. It provides constant Battery charging while driving using Compressed Air Energy to power Twin low RPM High Output on-board generators, and typical All Electric Vehicle regenerative breaking energy during de-acceleration in combination which results in extended driving range exceeding 400 miles in harsh conditions and up to 650 miles and more under ideal conditions before a Battery recharge.

Our Team

  • Stephen Dunifer
    Electronic Design Engineer

    Electrical and Electronic Design Engineer Specializing in Electro-Magnetic Design, Fabrication, Prototyping, Testing of Feedback and Control Systems.

  • Tyke Charity
    Automotive Industry Analyst

    15 years plus in the Automotive Industry as New Car Financing, Large Dealership Management and "Hands On" Experience in Engine Upgrades and Modifications.

    US Army 6 years / Special Forces / Telecommunications / Operation Desert Storm Veteran

  • Chris Cox
    Financial Advisor

    A Bay Area native, Chris Cox is a Financial Advisor in Silicon Valley. Chris began his career in the financial services business in February of 2000. Literally beginning in the firm’s mailroom, Chris was quickly promoted to an Operations role working with long-time industry professionals. He experienced the euphoria of the dot com boom followed shortly thereafter by the shock of the tech wreck. After graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo in 2005 with a BS, Business, he worked in various aspects of the financial industry from insurance to brokerage to advisory. In 2008 Chris was working with a local adviser when he again saw the global markets enter a downturn, the “The Great Recession.” Through a stroke of good timing, Chris transitioned to an established financial company based in Mountain View, CA. Through various roles and an eye for detail and process, he ultimately became the Chief Operation Officer (COO). After meeting Herman Charity in 2009 and developing a friendship, Chris learned about his passionate and enthusiastic vision to build a revolutionary new engine. From there he has done anything he can to help see Herman’s vision through.

  • Drive Into The Future
    Drive Into The Future
    With Pulxair Company

    A New Silicon Valley Startup

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